Work Permit


Thailand is a beautiful and scenic country. The people are charming, the food is extraordinary and the life style and the good transportation links in this strategically well located country to do business in the region have attracted many expatriates. Thailand for its part welcomes foreigners both as tourists and on a more long term basis. (Recently the Thai Government Board of Investment (BOI) has instituted incentives in order to encourage companies to establish their regional headquarters in the country. Additionally, Thailand is now promoting the country as a retirement location and has instituted long term visa provisions for retirees in order to encourage foreigners to retire in the country.) Thailand, however, like most countries requires that those wanting to reside in the country follow the laws on immigration and work and that they respect the country’s other laws on tax, outlawed activities, etc.

Although our company does not involve itself in facilitating immigration, work permits or re-entry permits, we do work with law firms and others in Thailand that specializes in this service. Please note that in mid July 2003, the Government of Thailand announced large fee increases for immigration services and that the process is now more expensive than previously. Below is a general explanation of the process that may be helpful. We note, however, that the discussion below is only general and that we would recommend you further consult with the many specialists that offer services in facilitating visa, work permits, tax cards and other necessary paper issuance for foreigners